The Perfect Guide to Choosing A Kitchen Backsplash That You’ll Love

Choose the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash For Your Home Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen is hard, there are a ton of decisions to be made. Your kitchen backsplash is one of those design details you’ll want to spend some time on.  It may seem like a simple task, but choosing tile for your backsplash can be complicated, there are a variety of things to consider that will affect your overall kitchen design.  Here’s a list of things you should always consider when choosing a tile backsplash. 

Color is usually one of the first decisions you’ll make.  You’ll need to decide if you want your bacskplash to be colorful, or if you want to remain in the neutral zone.  Although a colorful backsplash has immediate impact, a neutral backsplash can add just as much character to your space. It all comes down to the other colors and materials being used in your kitchen and how your tile will pair, and your overall color preference.  Some people are drawn to color, while others find a sense of calm in a neutral space.

Backsplash height is often a design detail homeowners overlook.  The backsplash has to end somewhere, but where it ends is up to you, although cabinetry can often be the deciding factor.  if you just want a hint of tile, only bring your backsplash up to the bottom of your cabinet or first shelf in an open shelving design such as the one below.

If you want more tile, you can often extend your backsplash to the ceiling in areas where there are no cabinets, such as over the sink, or over a stove.  A counter to ceiling installation makes the tile a focal point in your kitchen, so if you choose to bring it to the ceiling, make sure you’ve chosen a color, size and layout that you love. 

The material you choose for your backsplash is just as important as color.  You’ll need to figure out which tile type will work best in your overall design. This decision should be based on personal preference but also on the overall design style you are trying to achieve.  If your kitchen is rustic or industrial, brick might work best.

Your tile backsplash is always going to be right up against your countertops, so it is important to make sure the two materials and colors work well together.  If you choose a colorful countertop material such as in the kitchen below you’ll want to choose a neutral tile color. If your countertops are neutral, choose tile that complements the texture and tone of the countertop material.

Do you prefer classic shapes, or fun patterns? Another important decision to be made.  If you want your kitchen to remain timeless in design, stick with a classic field tile size. Field tile will transcend trends, making your tile backsplash a sustainable design feature. 

However if you are drawn to pattern, specialty shapes can be just as timeless when done right.  Our specialty tile shapes work well in both color and neutrals, but it is important to consider the impact they will have on your overall design.  You want to make sure the color and shape you are choosing fits well in not just your kitchen but your entire home.  The kitchen below has a natural, mid-century inspired feel, and so does the rest of the house.

Last but not least, budget is one of the most important things to consider when choosing backsplash tile.  If your budget is tight, you’ll want to lean toward standard field sizes, however, you can still add fun details the way the kitchen below has done. It is a budget friendly way to add handmade, artistic appeal to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that specialty shapes and more intricate glazes do cost a bit more.  The manufacturing process is more detailed, and so many of the tiles must be made by hand.  Custom colors will also drive up your price.  So before choosing your dream tile, have a clear budget set.


  1. I LOVE looking at back-splashes. There are so many different materials and designs that I really think its cool to look at them all in magazines, and online. The only type of backsplash that I don’t like are the standard subway tiles. Literally, they remind me of the fast food place Subway. Don’t do those! There are too many awesome options out there to be boring.

  2. Subway tiles are pretty awful. I really love a great wall-papered back-splash with a glass sheet over it. Not sure if you’ve ever seen that (the girl above me). You should definitely check it out though, they’re awesome.

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